Juvenile Justice

Paving the Way to Positive Futures

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  • Core Values(current)
  • Collaboration: Forming a good working relationship with communities by offering services to help youth, families, and the community with options other than youth detention in order to build a safer and united community.
  • Prevention: Creating and using approaches, tools, and alternative programs in order to help keep youth from entering the juvenile justice system.
  • Assessment: Evaluating and appraising current systems, practices, and programs to ensure the juvenile justice system is meeting the needs of DeKalb County youth.
  • Community Obligation: Looking broadly at how decisions made by the Council will impact the community as a whole, while maintaining the overall goals of the JJC.
  • Inclusion: Working to make sure all individuals are treated fairly while accessing JJC services and programs.
  • Education: Increasing awareness of juvenile justice related issues within the community by providing and supporting educational and training opportunities for all.
  • Responsibility: Members of the JCC commit to actively engage and participate in meeting the Council’s goals and objectives.
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